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Today Family Violence Help Centre is the result of considerable community planning efforts. To address the needs of Edmontonians seeking assistance while faced with family violence, a consultation and collaboration process began in 2004 with representatives from 26 family violence stakeholders including shelters, not-for-profit organizations, Indigenous and ethno-cultural communities and all three levels of government.

The result of these efforts was the Today Family Violence Help Centre, a Collaborative Community Response that supports individuals and community impacted by family violence. Today Centre opened its doors and began offering services to Edmonton and surrounding communities in October 2009 and was granted Charitable Status in 2012.


As of April 1, 2016 Today Centre has provided support to more than 2000 individuals in the Short-term Support Program and FREE education to over 1200 agency staff and health and education practitioners.

In addition to grant funding, Today Centre continues to rely on donations and fundraising events to fund both the Short-term Support Program and the Education Program.