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Client support

We are a first stop for anyone dealing with family violence.

We offer non-judgmental support for everyone targeted by family violence regardless of situation, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or culture.

Let us be your ally through this tough time.

We provide short-term support including:

  • assessing risk factors
  • safety planning
  • assessing immediate needs
  • emotional support
  • education on the impact of family violence
  • supported referrals

Our unique Collaborative Community Response (CCR) model enables staff to provide resources and referrals to over 130 practitioners who provide clients with on-going support and services. Former clients can re-connect with Today Centre as needed during their healing journey.

Our Beliefs

  • All individuals have the right to be safe and to live free from the threat of abuse
  • All individuals have the right to make their own choices
  • All individuals have the right to access programs and services that best suit their needs

Community Support

Today Centre also provides services to agencies and the general public who need help in supporting someone who discloses family violence.  Support is provided one-on-one over the phone or through educational workshops and training for groups.  Contact 780-455-6880 to speak with a Family Violence Specialist.

Client FAQ

Who can come to the Today Centre?

Anyone who is has been victimized by family violence.

How do I access services at the Today Centre?

Contact the Today Family Violence Centre by calling 780-455-6880 or emailing

What happens when I call?

  • You will speak to our receptionist who will transfer you to our Family Violence Specialist.
  • Usually it is possible to speak with a Family Violence Specialist immediately, however sometimes you may have to leave a message.
  • If you call after hours (before 9am, or after 5pm), you will need to leave a message.

What if I need to leave a message?

We encourage you to leave your name and phone number and also INDICATE IF IT IS SAFE FOR US TO CALL BACK and if it’s safe to leave a message. When we call back, we do not leave a message unless you have told us it is safe to do so. We don’t want to put your safety at risk by contacting you when it is not safe.  If safe to leave a message, we strive to ensure that calls are returned as quickly as possible and within two business days.

What can I expect on the phone call?

  • Together, you and a Family Violence Specialist will have a conversation about your situation and your needs to determine if we are the right agency to support you. If so, we will book an appointment with you to see a Family Violence Specialist.
  • We prefer to collect some information about you over the telephone so that we are able to prepare for your first appointment. We like to complete a telephone intake, which may be as short as 10 minutes.
  • The telephone intake includes collection of name and information as well as a brief discussion regarding the history of domestic violence and short assessment of the risk. We always keep safety and urgency of each individual’s situation in mind and are flexible to individual needs.
  • Once we have completed a telephone intake, an in-office face-to-face appointment is scheduled with your Family Violence Specialist. Every client is able to receive up to 4 in-person sessions with their Family Violence Specialist. If you need longer-term support, our job is to connect you with the most appropriate agency for that support. It is also possible to return to Today Centre at a later time if you require support again in the future.

Is there a fee?

There are no fees for service.

What if English is not my first language?

The Today Centre can access interpretation services. Please let us know if this is required.

What if I do not have anyone to look after my children?

If you are not able to have your children looked after, please let us know.  With planning, we  can provide child minding  support for you during your appointment.

What can I expect when I arrive at the Today Centre?

  • You will be buzzed into our secure office and greeted by our receptionist, who will let your Family Violence Specialist know you have arrived.
  • You and your specialist will move into a private and comfortable room to talk.
  • You will have an opportunity to share your story and together come up with a plan that works for you.

What can I expect in my session with the Family Violence Specialist?

The role of the Family Violence Specialist is to help you identify your unique needs given your specific situation. The Specialist is able to provide:

  • A chance to tell your story in a safe and comforting environment.
  • Risk Assessment and safety planning
  • Assistance to address immediate needs and basic need
  • Information regarding what services and supports are available in the community
  • Advocacy and supported referrals to ensure  a “warm handoff” to another service provider

 What is done with the information I share?

The Today Centre keeps your information confidential and will only share information with other service providers with your written consent, unless a child is at risk or a person is a danger to themselves or others.